Take an old couple and an even older car, stir in 4000 miles of driving and you’ve got an adventure.


Pam & I are taking our 1937 MG TA, Numbum, on a drive round the coast of mainland Britain using roads as close to the coast as possible. We’re even travelling clockwise to be nearer the sea. The provisional start date is 22 July from the Middlesbrough side of the Transporter Bridge


We don’t have a fixed plan, just set off and drive. We’ll find accommodation where we can and will be carrying a small tent so we won’t be stuck. It’s not going to be a flat out bash. If we do around 150 miles a day I’ll be happy given that some of the roads we will use will be narrow and very twisty.


As we are going anyway, we decided to try to raise some money for a worthy cause. We asked one of Numbum’s  previous owners to select a charity and they chose Harrison’s Fund, a registered charity (Charity Registration No. 1146662) involved in research for a cure for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. We have set up a Just Giving page for donations. 


There is also a website with the story and a blog which will be updated when we can. Contributors to the charity will be shown on this site unless we are asked otherwise. No financial information will be displayed.  Commercial contributors will have the option of having their business advertised on the car. This will remain on the car for at least twelve months from completion of the trip, and it’s possible that they will never be removed as they will become part of the car’s history.


We will be happy to meet people along the way and contact details are on the website. Come and join us, but most importantly please support Harrison’s Fund.