We (mostly) all gathered at Birke brow for Johns Sunday lunch run around east Cleveland.  We set off through Hinderwell and Lingdale and down into Skinnigrove.  A small village but what a pearl.  The sea broaching almost to the road and an open view onto a cold grey North Sea we drove quickly around a sharp bend and then up to the tallest cliffs in the UK.  And what another sight!  Johns pace notes had predicted the finest sight on the north Yorkshire coast.  He wasn’t wrong. Maybe only the weather could have heightened the view.  Cliffs, shoreline, farming all resplendent from the road laid clearly out in front of us.  We caravanned onwards through leafy, small autumnal roads until we arrived at Raithwaite hall.  Again, never been here before, but will be going again.  A lovely gem located on the Sandsend road.  We relaxed far too long in the deep carpets and comfortable seats, but the company was good and the world needed to be put right and the (gorgeous) biscuits and bottomless coffee pot made us dally.

Onwards then to the Jolly Sailors via Nork Yorkshire Moors (yes included a flypast through Goatland – 2 trains in station) more leaves on the road, golden orange and red leaved trees lining our path.  Sunday lunch (unusual for me, an afternoon kip seemed appropriate), three courses if you had the belt space.  I opted for just the one and having seen the prawn cocktail starter (I would call a Friday teatime prawn salad), I’m glad I did or the kip would have come all to soon.

Nice to say hello and goodbye to everyone as we all slipped away after lunch, particularly Mandy as she isn’t well at the moment and Sandra T now being on her pins.

Thank you for a good day John.