A message from Peter our new Secretary.

Hi Everyone, Just a few notes on last night’s (19/08/21) club night, the new committee met for the first time and we are trying to sort out an agenda for the remainder of the year. Thanks to Stuart & Pippa for organising the raffle also Lloyd for the quiz, below is what we are trying to arrange for the rest of the year.


Thursday September 16th Club Night ( Stuart will be standing in for me I’m away for 10 days)

Sunday September 19th( normally a lunch run or another event) nothing arranged as yet


Thursday October 21st Club Night

Sunday October 24th Reg and Babs are organising a Lunch run, Thanks Reg


Thursday November 18th Club Night

Sunday November 21st, nothing arranged yet


Sunday 5th December Christmas Lunch . The Bay Horse at Great Broughton has been suggested ( nothing booked yet ) if any member has any other ideas, please let us know, we would also like to know the numbers prior to booking a venue, thanks


Thursday 16th December ( The Big One ) Christmas Club Night, Live Music provided by the one and only 3 Ukuleles John, Mark and Stan

I’ve been informed its Christmas Jumper night ( I will have to buy one ) regarding catering, would members let us know the numbers attending the Christmas Club night so we can organise a buffet. Would anybody like to arrange party games, Christmas Quiz etc, please let us know in advance thank you.


If anybody can help fill the nothing arranged yet days, please let us know your thoughts and ideas.



Thursday 20th January Club Night

Sunday 23rd January Fish & Chip run ( borrowed from 2020 program


If any club member has any suggestions or ideas regarding Club Nights, Early Evening events, Lunch runs, Car shows please let me or any

members of the committee know ( I know it’s a bit long winded but thanks for reading) Thanks Peter