Swainby 2016

Swainby show seems to get bigger every year and it’s always popular with club members so we decided it would be nice to make it one of our club events. We put the gazebo up the day before and arranged parking space with the organizers. Unfortunately it rained heavily the night before and we woke up to miserable day so it was a pleasant surprise to find so many cars arrive at Strikes ready for the convoy.

I’m pleased to say plenty of other people had the same attitude and there was a good turnout for this event which this year was raising funds for prostate cancer and adult cystic fibrosis. We somehow all managed to fit under the gazebo along with picnics. The weather in no way dampened the day.

We stayed for the award ceremony which was conducted by a TV celebrity (David Kingsley Harper. No? Me neither!) Look him up, he appears in antiques programmes and was born in Middlesbrough.

Thank you Derek and Geoff for going back the next day to take down the, hopefully,  dry gazebo.